Big Tree Service

Machinery & Capacity

Fabricating Systems, Inc. utilizes high-tech equipment to provide high-quality precision sheet metal products with top-of-the-line equipment and 35 years of experience. We can meet your fabricating needs.

CNC machine - computer numerical control machines that utilize CAD / CAM end-to-end component design  
Flow water jets Fabricating Systems Inc
AccurPress 100 ton Fabricating Systems Inc
50-ton Chicago  
Sheer 1/4th-inch capacity AccurSheer Fabricating Systems Inc
Manual strippet 30/30 Fabricating Systems Inc
Manual hydraulic strippet 30/40 Fabricating Systems Inc
Time saver finishing & graining Fabricating Systems Inc
Boschert notcher Fabricating Systems Inc

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We fabricate:

  • Control panels
  • Instrument chassis
  • Instrument brackets
  • Specialty fabrication
  • Specialty boxes
  • And MUCH more